Saint Lake/Wingspan Reading Order & Somerset Family Tree

For those who need to read them according to timeline events

 -*Titles in Bold aren’t released yet.

Leave it All (Saint Lakes 1)
Dragons and Mistletoe (A Saint Lakes Christmas Short Story)
Running Out of Moonlight (Saint Lakes 2)
Cookies for the Dragon (A Saint Lakes Short Story)
New Addiction (Wingspan 1)
A Cautious Romance (A Wingspan Novella)
Finding Happy (Wingspan 2)
From Scratch (A Novella set in the Wingspan Universe)
Right Side Up (Saint Lakes 3)
Solid Ground (Wingspan 3)
A Little Unsteady (Wingspan 4)
Christmas Cookies (A Wingspan Novella)
Mercury on Fire (Wingspan 5)
String Him Up In Lights (A Not-so-Happy Wingspan Christmas- Book 6) – Coming December 14, 2022
Cleaning Up MacIvar (Wingspan 7) – Coming April 2023

Where We Are (Saint Lakes 4)
Begin Again (Saint Lakes 5)
Special Packages (A Saint Lakes Novella)
Captive Soul (Saint Lakes 6)
Color of Blood (Saint Lakes 7)
Redefining Normal (A Saint Lakes Christmas Novella)
Uncovering the Dark (Saint Lakes 8)
Blackwing (A Saint Lakes Universe Novel) 
The Perfect Exhale (A Saint Lakes Universe Short Story)
Another Somerset (A Saint Lakes Short Story)
Reverberation (Saint Lakes 9) 
Bad Mate (Saint Lakes 10) – Coming February 15, 2023
The Alpha’s Scientist (Wingspan 8) – Coming 2023
From Bad to Worse (Saint Lakes 11) – Coming 2023
What Trouble May Come (Saint Lakes 12) – Coming 2023 or Early 2024
Dragon Thief (Wingspan 9) – Coming late 2023 or early 2024
Out for Blood (Saint Lakes 13) – Coming 2024

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